Hi, I'm Kirsten! The designer behind Kirsten Lucia Design.
I earned my Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) from Swinburne University and embarked on my graphic design journey in 2012. As a proud mother of two wonderful children, Miles and Mae, they serve as my inspiration for launching my business. This venture enables me to maintain a fulfilling work-life balance while nurturing my family.
Based in Melbourne, with roots in Gippsland and family still there, I provide face-to-face consultations to clients in both areas. Additionally, I leverage technology to connect with clients across Australia through video or phone consultations, ensuring seamless communication.
Specialising in contemporary, minimalist branding and bespoke stationery for businesses and events, Kirsten Lucia Design emerged in 2020. My passion for luxury stationery blossomed while crafting my own wedding invitations and signage.
Typography, branding, texture, and neutral details are among my favorite aspects of design. I take pride in delivering excellence by utilising top-tier print techniques and premium paper stocks, allowing my minimalist aesthetic to shine.
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